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2001-10-17 05:11:52 (UTC)


I wonder if I will ever be me. I wonder if there will be
one personalilty that will just be "will keller" I find
myself acting sooooooooo different in front of different
people. Its wierd because I am so different all the time.
Wrestling is going well, these long moves suck, its so
frustrating being stocky and not being able to do a
move. I NEED TO WIN. I need to start being
impervious to all the pain that I am given so that when
my back finally gives out i can deal with it. I am starting
to feel it give way. Caitlin is really awsome. sometimes
I feel detached from her but thats probably just me.
Mom flipped out at me today cause she forgot to remind
me about me dentist appointment and I was almost
late. she flips out over anything. Mr. V took my cell
phone that asshole. My back hurts so I think I am going
to go to sleep and stretch. night.

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