listen to my silences
2001-10-17 04:00:21 (UTC)

shallow lives

does no one take the time to think about how what they're
doing is going to affect someone else?

why do people disappear when you need them most and then
appear suddenly when they see that they can get something
from you?

why do we all just go along with it?

teenagers know a lot more about life than "adults" give us
credit for. my best friend has gone through and is going
through so much right now. every type of heartache you can
imagine, he's going through. i feel so helpless. i wanna
just hold him and rock him and let him cry on my shoulder.
i'm not romantically interested in him or anything. i just
want to be there for him. i want him to know i'll never
leave. ever. that's a promise. and for those that don't
know me, promises are sacred. you can go back on your
word, you can go back on a swear, you can straight out lie
to me, but you cannot break a promise.

i hope he knows how much i love him. and i hope he knows
that he can come to me at any time. i saw a part of him he
never shows to anyone this saturday on his birthday. he
acts like this real strong macho guy, but that's a front.
not that he's weak. he's not. he's very strong inside
because of all the stuff he's gone through. but times are
hard, and he actually let me see him in his weakness. i
hope he knows i don't think any differently of him because
of it. i just love him more. as a friend, as a true

final thought: shallow lives, shallow lives, is this what
for we all strive?