Product of a Broken Home
2001-10-17 03:31:53 (UTC)

He's sick, damnit!

yes, it is now getting late, and i have yet things to do,
so this is going to be a rather rushed entry, but i figure
i should put somerhing down, so, i just wanted to note on
how mch i miss my dear, dear aaroon. he's been sick the
last couple of days, and it was the weekend before then, so
i haven't seen him since frieday last. sorry about the
grammer, i'm reading dracula, and they talk like that sort
of. help! help! i'm being affected!

and i couldn't even get a hod of him to talk to on the
phone tonight, i left a message for him though, i hope he
got it, i hope he's ok. i miss him, he should be back

one more thing, does anyone else out there think in color
and pattern? i know ppl feel like that, but does anyone
else coherently think like it? if you do, í'd love some
help figuring a few things out, abstract thought just
shouldn't be that abstract! {black w/gray swirls and white

anyway, i must off to the shower, to cleanse and such
{damn british grammer..}

oct.16 2001