Procrastination is Key
2001-10-17 03:30:35 (UTC)

Bored- big surprise

So its what?... 10:45pm and I have nothing to do. No
roommate to talk to, no work to do for tomorrow (or the rest
of the week since Fall Break starts for me at 2!!) YES! I am
excited that I will have a passenger on the drive home b.c I
have about run out of CD's to listen to! I will need to make
some, but it may be a while til that happens, since the CD
burner is on my Christmas list:-p
I hope this break is fun, but I have work that needs to
get done, which always sucks. There is one thing in
particular that I am kinda worried about though. I think I
am doing the right thing, at least I hope so, we'll see how
it turns out i guess!
OK new developement- well actually something we have all
known for quite a while- guys, yeah, they pretty much suck.
I cannot understand why they want to hurt such wonderful
people (like my friends). Unfortunately I don't think I am
as good of an advice giver as receiver, but I try, and I
know whatever little I do is appreciated:-P I LOVE YOU!;-)
Um- I guess that is it