worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2001-10-17 03:07:00 (UTC)

Daily Orders

Before i leave for work i insert a medium size butt plug
(which i will wear all day) and take a red marker and
write "worthless lil painslut" across my chest. As i drive
to work i wear clothespins on each of my nipples (over my
blouse) so that anyone next to me can see them (this will
be repeated on the drive home).

It's just an average day at work. i am not allowed to use
the restroom to pee, only to tease my clit to the verge of
climaxing and then stopping leaving me aroused (which i
must do at least 5 times a day and which usally means my
panties are very wet all day long). As i sit behind my
desk working, i must keep my legs spread wide apart.
Before i go into any meeting i must insert a small vibrator
into my pussy, which you control and use to fluster me (to
see if i will reveal my hidden secrets to the unsuspecting
room). Twice during the day i must find time to kneel
before my computer and email you while sucking on a large
dildo (and hoping to god that my boss doesn't walk in).
Several times during the day i must slam a large book
closed on my nipples. Any time i talk on the phone i must
squeeze and twist my nipples painfully. Everytime i read
an email from you i must first take down my panties and
attach a clothespin to my clit (at which point someone
usually stops by my office to say hi and chat while i am
stuck there in pain and unable to do anything about it
until they leave).

When i get home at the end of the day my first task is to
remove my skirt, stand in the shower with my hands holding
the showerhead, with my legs held firmly together, and pee
in my panties. When i am done, i hang them up to dry with
all the other pairs that week which decorate my bathroom.
i am not allowed to rinse off, only wipe myself down with
my nice blouse. i finish undressing and go to the computer
to email you everything i did wrong today. Then i wait for
a response to find out if i will be allowed to eat dinner,
watch TV, read, masturbate, or if i must be punished.
Eventually, i think i will be allowed to sleep.