2001-10-17 03:02:58 (UTC)

Get Ta Know Meeh

Hey There! My name is Brandi. I am 19 years old and
I have been suffering from Bipolar Disorder for about 3
years now. This is my final attempt to find peace with
myself. All other methods I have tried are pointless. I
have gone to therapy, but they were cooks. I have tried
medication, but took myself off cuz it was not really
working. Talking to my family is a joke. They all think I
am possessed by the Devil or something. Friends? What
friends? All the people I have met always end up betraying
me. I have no one to turn to.

The only happiness in life are my horses. I have 3
of them. Victory, Wully, and Al. I have shown all 3 of
them, and am trying to get back into it with Al. He is a
Biggin! I finally found a horse to fit me!! Ah well,
enough about that.

Hmm...let's see, I am also enrolled in College, juss a
community college for now...then it is off to...I dunno where. As
well as going to school, I work at a restaurant full time. Talk
about being busy!! I am trying to hold down them both, but I am
gonna have to cut muh hours at work. Ah well, I'm gettin sick of it

Now, about that Little thing called a "love life". Well, not
too sure I got one of dem anymore, but we'll try! Umm let's see,
first of all I am bi. I have fallen in love with one chic, but ya
know...certain things keep us away from each other. Is there
anything wrong with being into the same sex? Obviously my parents
think so...They new about the one girl, but forbid me to see her ever
again...They don't know the "feelings" still exist. I also have a
guy I am interested in. He is your typical "bad boy", the biggest
pot head I have ever met, but ya know, ya can't judge a book by it's
cover. He has treated me better than any other guy I have been
with. He juss seems to care about even the smallest things. Mama
already told me I couldn't bring him home, but she has NeVeR liked
anyone of the guys I brought home. She is very judgemental.

Well, I guess that will do for tonight. I will write again
and tell ya about muh day tomorrow. I'm sure it will be quite
interesting...considering I will be at work all day. Oh yeah!!
Well, goodnight...MuCh LoVe!!