Joshin Jane

2001-10-17 02:59:12 (UTC)

rohit - mafia much?

Do you have a hot date this Friday? Well if you do,
you better reschedule. The long-awaited Mafia Club is
finally here. Friday, 7pm, Large AV Room of the Library.
Be there or be Ugly.

-John Gotti

It has come to my attention that there are other clubs on
Friday night at 7pm. Well other club presidents, why don't
you CRY ABOUT IT. You wouldn't want to miss the most
anticipated night in in the history of Lawrenceville.
WOULD YOU?! Forget Young Democrats, the Book Club, and all
those other clubs that you don't even have fun at.
Remember, Friday, Library, Large AV Room, 7pm. Justin
Poppiti's dad will be there. So should you.

-Sammy the Bull