The Diary of S
2001-10-17 02:55:45 (UTC)

These stupid people!!!

I swear some people I talk to are so fucking stupid!!! I
swear!! A lady calls up at my work wanting some technical
support. Okay, that's cool. She keeps getting this error
when she tries to open some kind of program on her
computer. That's even okay. It's my job to find out what is
going on. But the smallest words are so hard for her to
pronounce!!! I pronounce it for her and we go on. But every
freaking time we come back to that same word she doesn't
know how to say it again. I kid you not, we crossed that
word about 7 times and I had to pronounce it for her over
and over again...every time!!!! Why do some people have
expensive ass computersbut can't freaking read.
I'm sorry to those who may be illiterate but this really
bothers me!!