The Subway Fantasia
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2001-10-17 02:54:35 (UTC)

Sandwiches at High Noon

The showdown begins. I wait, with a knife in my hand, Can I
help the next customer in line? Shuffling of feet, who will
be victorious? Me, with a six inch meatball with nothing on
it, so I can fly into action and be on my way to 10 well
deserved minutes of rest...or...NO! It is not to be! A 43
year old mom, unsure, confused by life in general, with
what...what is that in her hand? That piece of paper that
slices through my eyes like a kitana? A list! As dispare
slices and leaves me as cut up as a cambro of bell
pepers... and if that is not enough, she spit's on my grave
with, "Oh...I will make it easy for you, just put cheddar
on all 10 of them." A FAVOR? WOOP-DY SHIT! You want to do
me a favor? LEAVE!!!!