My Mind
2001-10-17 02:47:45 (UTC)

People aaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some people just make me sick ive never in my life known
that people are selfish and rude and coniving and greedy
yet they are. i was so naive i overlooked everything i
assumed there was good in everyone no matter what mistakes
they made they are after all only mistakes. that doesnt
make sense what i really mean is i helped everyone i knew
out at least once and the couple that i helped out the most
seem to want to hurt me the worst. ive never done anything
truly bad before and i wont ever yet i get everything that
they can all dish out. and so does tommy he hasnt seen his
girls in three years the youngest one doesnt even know him
and yet dad and pam made every excuse in the book not to
let him use the car to go and get them and now his own
mother is going to try and convince sarah that she shouldnt
give the girls to tommy. all because everyone else gets to
see them but she doesnt shes acting like a child and i hate
her for it ive never hated anyone in my entire life yet i
can honestly say that i hate her she is so selfish and rude
and greedy and self absorbed and very materialistic. im so
disgusted i dont even want to write about her anymore -end-