What can I say?
2001-10-17 02:40:14 (UTC)


Guys are sooooo annoying!! They never tell you what they
want, I guess you are just supposed to read their minds,
even though i don't think they really know what they want
themselves! One minute they are all sweet and cuddly, then
they don't even want to talk or say hi. I just can't
figure out how you can go from being so nice to being a
total asshole in a split second. Then, they turn right
back around into an angel. Maybe some day, some how I can
gain some insight into the male mind--hey, that psychology
major has to come in handy sometime!
What else is going on in my life that I can ramble
about.....My mom is about to drive me up the wall. I love
her to death, but she does little annoying things like
being weird and saying weird stuff that draws out the
teenage-angst-ridded "mooooooommmmm!" in me. And then
she'll do something really nice, like buy me a sweater i
really wanted, and I feel bad for thinking that she is dumb
or weird. Then there is my dad. He is so funny and
sarcastic, but i think a lot of times he really hurts my
mom's feelings with the things he says. And then there is
that mean streak that I have somehow been able to inherit,
how wonderful for me.... Ok, well that is about all the
ramblings I can come up with for now, tune in tomorrow
night for the next wonderful episode of my life in the