Ashley "Cavy"

Momentary Illusion
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2001-10-17 02:24:38 (UTC)

What the heck is my diary about

Well hiyas. I'm sure by now ya'll are probably like "Why
the heck is she writing poems online?" Well to tell you the
truth I love writing poetry. In a way it kinda express me
in lamons terms I also wanted to see if people would give
me feed back. I thought about writing a book. Gotta have
balls for that though. Anywho, So if any of this bores you
I apologize. I guess I kinda needed a little scratch
book. If anyone has any comments or maybe some tips give
me a hollar. Thank ya for taking the time or if you're
someone just lookin' for the heck of
well. Aufwiedersein.