hello kitty cat
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2001-10-17 02:09:13 (UTC)

.....usual shit

So lately I've been listening to sunna. I don't really know
why. Everytime I put it on I feel like I should be
listening to something else..but everytime I try and change
it I need to put it back on. I know that doesn't really
matter..I just found it strange. But then what don't I find
to be strange. Everything has been so random lately. I was
with Sam...and it seemed so perfect, I knew it was too
perfect. Because as usual I found something wrong with it.
I don't really understand what happened. It just fell my mind that is. He however didn't think so...I
feel terrible hurting him. I never knew anyone would get
hurt like that from me...I mean's's not like
it's anyone important. Then on top of that...Jason and are
are back. He has feelings for me...I don't know if I
completely believe it yet. I think that it may be just a
stage he's going through. I hope it's not though. I know he
could make me happy. He is making me happy. Actually I
don't even need him to be WITH me to make me happy. Jason
and I have something that most people don't. This weekend
is my birthday..and I'm my friends have
been so out there lately I don't know. I don't know if I
even want to leave my house. There has been so much disgust
and miscommunication between us..I don't know what to make
of it.