Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-10-17 02:04:39 (UTC)

grr! susan!!!!

She didn't sit with us at lunch!!!! She didn't wait to
walk with us!!!!! Kaitlyn will NEVER get to give her
speech at this rate! That aggravates me. Oh well.
I'm a good guesser! It's so funny cuz Jamie and Kaitlyn
have something in common they had no clue about...okay...I
had more written there but I won't post it just
cuz...yeah. Never mind!
I have a long time to think over this weekend. Everybody
seems to like somebody now!! I don't know if I do or
not...I might...but then again I might not cuz it seems
too...predictable. Anyway...I'm using a lot of these...for
some reason unknown to me. Oh well!
GRR!! Zach's against Billy Gilman too! I'm surrounded by
people with bad taste in music! Wow...now it's these...and
these!!!! Hahaha...oops! Did it again!...and that too!
Sorry...I'm really hyper now so I'm over-punctuating
everything. Is that a word? Lisa's boyfriend is icky! I
don't like him. Never have really.
I JUST figured out today that the Japanese thing was
addressing ME, not HIM! Haha...I'm slow. I was "Blonde of
the Day!" Oh, Kaitlyn, if you see this before tomorrow
night: I'm coming to the movie. Call/email if your plans
change, okay?
Jordan had fun at the game. That's good. I wanted to go.
But I went to the gym. Started doing back tucks in the pit
to go off of the beam. I'm such a freaking coward. I
won't do my back tuck off of beam cuz I'm afraid I'll hit
my head. It's possible...but I had a spotter! Plus I
didn't talk to Kyle Koster at Stewartville's homecoming cuz
I figured he wouldn't remember me. What a loser I am! I'm
a whiner too!! Grr!!!!