Ashley "Cavy"

Momentary Illusion
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2001-10-17 01:55:50 (UTC)

Tears of pain...faint emotions...cry...

Why does one cry? Is it
because of the faint emotions
building up inside the many
depths of their heart? Or
maybe it is the need and want
to cry soar tears of pain.
Either way those tormented
feelings of death and deceit
shall soon show. Be it not
that one shall cry when they
are happy to be sad but merely
happy that they could not be
any more sad. Hurt is pain
but only the undiing hopefulness
of forgetting it to be so is what
causes the mind to want to tremble.
So it shall be that shedding these
droplets of pain which is caused
by hurt in the depts of the heart
can render one...lost.

R.I.P. Matt (2001)
Copyright 2001. Ash.