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2001-10-17 01:52:51 (UTC)

In the end....

Hello everyone again!!! well every thing for me has been
good and bad these past few weeks. Well i have some really
good news, my friend Danette woke up out of her coma.
Yea :-) im so happy!!!
well some more bad news though, my friend J'son got in a
car accident on Saturday, and the passenger died. he was
only 18 yrs. old. i mean i cant even imagine dieing when im
18, i guess that makes u never to take your life for
granted. i wish that will teach everyone a lesson who reads
this. i mean the reason the car crashed was because it was
3am and it was foggy. what a horrible way to die huh?! but
luckly my friend jason got out of the car okay, well he was
put in the hospital because he broke his leg and he has
some burns but other then that he is OKAY!!! THANK GOD!!

well im going to homecoming this yr. i cant wait in a way.
I mean it is going to be a lot diff then last yr's cause
this yr not that many of my friends are going and i have
date this time. i dont think i really want to go now. but
besides that im koo with it.

O I started to talk to someone else now. well i have known
him my whole life and im not lying, i grew up with him.
yea we are talking more again. he is a yr younger than me
but its kool i guess. i mean he's hott and he's nice so i
realy dont have ne reason to complain. i wish we could see
eachother more but he lives like 30 min away fr. me. its
kool beacus i already know all of his family, and his mom
and dad grew up with my mom and dad so they are pretty
tight. so its all good for right now.

well gotta go -k- buh bye!!!

-luv shelley

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