A Private Place
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2001-10-17 01:48:53 (UTC)

I don t write in a journal..

I don't write in a journal everyday but sometimes I wish I
did. I am so very careful about what I write because my
life is so private at times.

Sometimes words don't, even though I love to write, come to
me as easily as words do when it comes to expressing
myself. I find my world of writing more based on personal

Sometimes, even though words do come easily sometimes, have
maybe a lot to say or a little, and in some cases nothing
to write about that is so very important to me.

Sometimes I fee; thaat my world is in such need of repair
but I am growing and learning. Many people grow and learn
with me, about me, away from me.

Sometimes writing comes easy and sometimes it doesn't. It
depends on the day from day to day, time, and whatever is
going on in my life at any particular time. That is why my
world seems like a little boring sometimes when nothing is

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