Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-10-17 01:45:14 (UTC)


I think its cuz im getting a cold.

... Okay, i disrobed of all my jewlry. I cant wear it with
my uniform, and i take my necklaces off, most of them, when
i sleep, cuz i dotn want to die. Lol. Really, im
serious. That junk could strangle you. Like, if you have
really long hair, it could wrap around your neck and kill
you. Really. Like in elfquest... 101 ways to kill
winnie... she strangles herself in her hair.... so i like
comic books! Is that a crime?? hee hee

Yeah, i went to get ice cream with deidre. It was purdy
cool. we talked about stuff. I realized something, i have
a hard time looking people in the eyes when i talk about
painful stuff. I try to be objective... but like, i feel
like my eyes are a leak into my soul, and like... yeah.

My hand itches. Stupid misquitos. Grr. *itch itch*

Dude, like, I feel like crying and i dont know why. Lol.
I think PMS is setting in. Lol. I jsut have this funny
feeling... oh well.

Laters all.

Matt, I love you beyond words
Huggles!! *HUG*
Mary, you rawk

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