A Private Place
2001-10-17 01:43:52 (UTC)

Why do I write?

A lot of people have asked me why I love to write and I
tell them it because I just love to. I get feelings out
into the open at times I need to and I find that not easy
to do in person verbally. Call me strange, but writing is
one way I have found myself able to express my thoughts,
feelings, and words. When it comes to a situation that
needs my understanding and help, I have to avoid the
situation by writing because verbally I have troubles
expressing myself with words to some people because I feel
so small and sometimes uncomfortable. Writing my thoughts
and feelings into words helps me express my feelings and
thoughts in a way that is more easier and more
comfortable. I don't like to avoid situations when it
comes to confrontation, but I have to regarding my
emotional and physical health at times of great troubles

I love to write and writing is one of the things that is so
easy for me to do.