2001-10-17 01:43:21 (UTC)

Someone who cares read this one

First of all I have to say what a ... day.
Aaron is weird. But hey that's what I get for having a
boyfriend. I just wonder what am I suppose to say to him?
Hi how's it going? How about not. I mean I guess I could
say it if it makes that big of a different ... does it? I
guess it's better than the nothing I already say. But then
what do I say. Does he really care that I had a shitty day
because I completely lost any chance of being all
conference or at least honorable mention? And tommorow I
have a Pre-Calculus test that I'm going to completely fail
just because I'm that lucky. I'm sure you're having fun
reading about my problem s in life maybe reading yesterdays
Will excite you more but then you will know too much about
me for your own good but maybe not. Can you tell I enjoy
mumbling on and on about nothing? Damn if I still have your
attention email because you do care. Or you're that bored.
In which case I'll continue. So the all confernce thing is
for cross country running. I got a bad ass time and I had
muscle spasm in my hip after the race. And then my
boyfriend is being a regular guy and doesn't seem to care.
I guess it would help if I talked to him. But I do talk to
him only when he talks to me. In some countries women get
beat for talking when their not spoken directly to. How
then do they get together in chic clicks? Do they just sit
there and stare at eachother? Wait staring will get you
beat too. I'm sorry I don't know where that came from but
I'll let you continue on with your life and I will try to
carry on. If you feel so inclined reply to this if you have
any suggestions or comments I would greatly appreciate it.
Bye now.