"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-10-17 01:35:51 (UTC)


I have narrowed it down I am a loser. I love
football to death but every time I play I get hurt in some
way. I dotn know if it is just me but i just came back off
of a sterum injury then this. Maybe like I was saying to
Tiffani in Band today I should just retire early or
something. Then I would nto get hurt but I love to play.
So I guess I am going to keep playing for now. Practice
really sucked I had to watch cuz i could not get my knee to
bend. So coach told me to watch and I hate to watch cuz I
see people messing up an dI just want to hit them in the
head. One of my friends Daniel got hurt to he pulled his
back muscle probably. well i guess i am going to go i am
kinda tired. #3