Do I get my lap dance now?
2001-10-17 01:24:04 (UTC)

It's just so typically me.

I've only been awake for five hours, and I've already blown
away an entire day. I slept until 1:30, which is
relatively early, and proceeded to sit on my rump for the
rest of it. The most significant thing I accomplished all
day made me smell like an onion. Yuck. I really do miss
high school. I didn't come home until way late at night,
because there was always something to do and people to do
it with. I haven't left my house all day. I miss the pit,
and I miss Trent from Burger King, and I miss Griff's car
and I miss percussion class and the art club. I miss
basketball games, football games, Joel's shoes, the
cartoons at lunch time we used to watch, Mrs. Nelson's
couch. My friends were all readily available for my
entertainment then. Now they're all in college, keeping up
that same routine. But that's the rountine I chose not to
continue. I said, "no, I'm gonna go straight to work.
Screw school." Goddammit. Oh well. I still have Friday
nights. Last Friday, when April and George and I were
hanging around, Royal and some kid showed up. Who was that
kid? I think his name was Jake I faintly remembered him
from some other Friday night at Royal's house. Then they
left, and some other kids showed up and... okay, Friday is
blurry. Anyway, a bunch of kids showed up and we had fun
and it was great. I loved it. It remimded me of high
school. It was high school, but with coffee instead of
milk, and we had to be harassed by the new waitress instead
of the deans.

Which brings up my other point of intrest. There's this
new waitress at the place we hang out at, and since she
showed up, she's been out to get me and my friends. For
instance, April can't go in the back room and fuck around
with the waiter anymore because she narked on him, and the
boss always hangs around now when we're there. And she
keeps chasing us out to the parking lot every night,
insisting that we didn't pay. And she won't refill our
coffee, and always rolls her eyes when we try to talk to
her. She's confessed that "people like you always try to
leave on their bills." People like you. That just sticks
out. I've been placed into the blue-haired, body-peirced,
drug-filled teenage stereotype. And it's sickeningly
shameless. I'm tired of it. I'm part of the Amnesty
International, April was in the Honor Band, George skipped
high school and went to college early... Wanna try a new
stereotype? We're nerds, not vandals! Hell, I used to be
part of the Star Trek fan club! And the Safety Patrol!
And I graduated D.A.R.E.! Okay, this is getting
embarassing. The point is, she declared right to our cute
little faces that she thinks we're bad people. Burn, kids,

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