shay files
2001-10-17 01:16:20 (UTC)


im trying to look at life in a different way now, i just
keep thinking about it and thinking of the different ways
people live their lives. some people spend their lives
thinking about materialistic things and some live life to
the fullest in the best of ways. i want to be one of those
people, i want to live life as best as i can. i want to
savor every moment and every single thing i do and person i
meet! i want to travel and help people and write and i dont
know i jsut want to change the world. that has been my dream
for so long! to change the world! how cool would that be to
have your name somewhere for making a monumental change and
a change for the good not a selfish change or anythign that
would hurt anyone! i jsut want to be happy with myself and
make other people happy also it would be such a great life!
i hope that i do that i hope i do something like that.. i
just hope that i get to travel through countries while im
young and then settle down wiht my husband and four kids
that im gonna have when iget older and while im still young
now jsut grow up and become the best person i can be...