2001-10-17 00:18:52 (UTC)

.::*!mai first entry!*::.

hey yall!! okai i decided tuh get mai own journal afta
inspired by *ABRA* BTW:~shez like one of mai bestest frenz
n athens.. she totally kix bootay! and iz like so honest!
lolz nwayz im Lindsay aka LyNz or Mizzsexythang or
demureprincezzlynz or lil meanie! werkin on mai site..
*growls* which is taking foreva! i got pics on it if ya
wanna see it! its like mai whole life into one big ole thing
addy: www.geocities.com/princezzlynz/index
lolz it rawks! but okai ill tell
ya bout mai "day at skewl and home" okai so i wake up
@6a.m. which is no biggo but like mai bus comes at 6:45 so
i have tuh haul bootay missy! lol.. but itz all good so
far.. i actually make it on da bus today.. and have tuh
travel bout 30 minutes on sum of da bumpiest dirt roads n
LA. sux majorly but Brandi, Mark, Aaron, Corey, and Curtis
make it so much betta tuh deal wit and so do mai cokes n
frosted flakes dat i sneak on da bus!shhhh. dun tell! ha.
everything is fine until i get tuh skewl and den "BOOM"
everything comes at meeh at one time! every lil detail bout
how ASHLEIGH BTW: Mai sista and best fren since we were
wearing size 1 tootooz n dance! which was like when i was
3~ anywayz back tuh da story.. ashleigh and kyle(a
playa/thug) hooked up on thurs..maybe friday.. and so like
dey r a couple now.. but clint(a guy dat tinks im jealous
of ashleigh) wanted tuh go wit ashleigh and took her uptown
saturday night and he didnt kno she had a boyfren! she
didnt tell him! and she told meeh and jenni(mai otha really
great advice given fren) dat she did! welpz jenni asked
clint who he was takin tuh homer's homecoming which he said
ashleigh but jenni asked if he knew kyle and ash were
together and he was like omg.. and he had no clue! i was
stunned when i heard she didnt tell him.. but since meeh n
clint r not talking i dun kno who he iz takin tuh
homecoming now.. but o welpz not mai dealings.. i have a
boyfren and i love him tuh death! larry iz mai baby and
will alwayz be.. but anywayz i am not talkin tuh ashleigh
unless she admits she was wrong and stops playing kyle..
coz kyle is a major sweetie now and he actually cares!! so
ashley T. meeh n jenni told kyle all bout it.. and now kyle
iz gonna do sumtin! but hes majorly flirting wit meeh now
and i dun like it.. or it at least seems like he is.. datz
wut sum ppl said.. but i dun kno.. we had our physical
science mid term test today and i totally flat out cheated!
i had mai cheatsheet on mai desk! and da substitute said
nothing.. haha meeh n katherine putnam cheated! lmfao.. i
am so gonna bring mai grade up n phy.science! haha.. welpz
i cant wait til i show mai goat thursday and saturday at da
state fair livestock show.. hah and i cant wait tuh go ride
some rides wit larry! yay!! lol.. welpz i kno diz iz long
so ima gonna go and will write more 2morrow!! bye yall!!
p.s. haynesville iz havin a homecoming dance!!! get ur
freak on!! lmfao! latez