kurt is the man

this is my life
2001-10-17 00:02:07 (UTC)

well not much to say but i havent wrote in here since august

well people i havent been up to too much lately , i have
been skating quite a bit , im thinking of giving it a
little break , its getting cold out and i cracked my head
on the road twice today and yeah about a week ago i got
sacked and thats not to good of a feeling . hmmmmmm last
time i wrote in here i was asking for a guitar i think ,
well i got it and i have been going crazy with it , i play
everynight with a bunch of people , we are kinda a "band"
but not really. well i can play some stuff i consider
myself descent right now but what the hell do i know i just
started, well i have been keeping in touch with quite a few
people on the internet lately , you can meet some really
cool people on here sometimes but than again you can meet
some pyschos, theres this one girl that i started emailing
after i read her journals and we keep in touch once in a
while , not as much as i would like but i can deal. well i
am on aol right now talking with some friends so i am gonna
go for now , i think i am going to start writing more in
here now, well if anyone had aol go ahead and leave me a
message on my journal and if you are pretty descent to talk
to on email maybe i will give you my sn, well im out for