Forgotten Misery
2001-10-16 23:12:47 (UTC)

my head is going crazy

Man i have so much on my mind right now weighing me down.
I feel so blue and bad about things. I got called kido by
my x jake today he said kido you dont look so good and I
was like oh go fuck yourself didnt say that but felt like
saying it y should he care what is wrong with me is not his
consern anymore. Plus hes part of my problems along with
my grandma and geoff and now im hearing stuff about ryan
and im so worried about him hes going down hill and he can
do such with his life but i worry he wont and will start
doing bad stuff like i did and thats not cool he is so much
better and so much more than that and it hurts me so. I
love geoff so much but i just need time for things so
settle down in my life right now im on a rollar coaster
thats stuck getting ready to go down a big hill just
rocking back and forth ready to go zooming down again. I
know i did bad today on the psat. and i so stupid i cant
seem to get anything right ahhhhh ok im goin now.