Within Lily's Eyes
2001-10-16 23:06:10 (UTC)

i am dizzy but happy... and look a friend has come!

Hiyas again. this is like the second
time i wrote today but unfortunitly it never showed up :( o
well there was nothing big in it anyways. Mokona i am so
light headed and i have no clue why.

My adopted sister whos really my
friend Nicole is over today. infact, shes sitting here
watching me write this so lets bad mouth her!!!!!! yay!!!
nicole sux!!! nicole loves danny!!!!! nicole is engaged to
chrissy!!!!!!!! nicole is a slut and a hore and a bitch and
and and... ok i'm done that much... for now... i only wrote
the slut hore and bitch part cause she told me to write
it. ::nicole:: i said i want that written and i also wanted
her to write that i'm dannys and chrissys lover and i love
dbz!!!!! ::real nicole:: hi. i said i rather her write that
i'm a hore slut and a bitch instead of that and I DON'T
LOVE DBZ OR DANNY I LOVE REECI!!!!! ok enough from the
peanut gallery now -.-; shes a real complainer. but so am i
so i can't talk about it right now....

And just to let you know she really
does love danny and chrissy and dbz shes just lying. ::real
nicole:: eewwwwwww. HURRAY THE PEANUT GALLERY SHUT UP!!!
i'm soooo nice to her ain't i?

Now me and her are arguing over puff
daddys name changing. i really could care less about him
and so could nicole so i think we'll stop arguing about
that subject for now. today i was arguing with this kid
named lenny about me getting mad at nicole. why the hell he
care about me being angry at *points to nicole* her?::real
nicole:: because i sent him on a guilt trip. well
whatever... okkkkk i am way too dizy to write this crap
anymore so this is the end of your entertainment peoples,
i'll continue tomorrow.


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