Blonde And Dangerous
2001-10-16 22:48:27 (UTC)

brr... (and a few grrs... as well)

I just finished working on my flag routines... dang it's
cold out! My hands freeze up right away, and then it's
harder to do all the tosses we have... grr...
I hate talking to Cassie Swenson. She's nice and all, but
REALLY annoying online. She's Maggie's OLDER sister, and a
LOT nicer than Maggie too! But she still annoys me.
Tomorrow, hopefully, Michael will give me his e-mail so I
can talk to him. I don't have a crush on him or anything,
but he's nice to me.
Cassie is getting really old, REALLY fast. Better go lie
about making supper.

"the british are coming! the british are coming!"
-paul revere (don't ask)