~My Life... Well, Mostly my "love life"~
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2001-10-16 22:44:56 (UTC)

La La!! *JEFF* La LA

Jeff isn't so much of a dork anymore. It is REALLY fun to
walk up to someone, poke them, and say "touchy." It is
even more fun to do it to Jeff, because it annoys him SO
much. Well, the other day, I did it to him at lunch. He
wasn't looking where he was going or anything, and he
smacked me. RIGHT ON MY BOOBS!! It was so funny!! We
were all cracking up, and he was like, "I didn't mean to!
I didn't mean to!!" He kept yelling that, and we were
like, "Sure. Sure you didn't, Jeff." It was really
funny!! That was at lunch. Then today, it was even
funnier!! We were walking down the hall, and I couldn't
stand up straight, so he started pushing me into things and
yelling at me to walk straight and stuff. It was kinda
funny. He walked all the way to my locker with me today.
He didn't care that Mia (my best friend) was over there,
and they don't even get along. AT ALL!!This morning,
before we went to go take the PSAT, he walked up the stairs
and to my "testing room" with me. Sure, his room was right
next to mine, but if he didn't care about me, then why
would he stand outside of the room and talk to me and
stuff? That makes no sence. But I thought that the crazy
thing today was that he let some girl wear his jacket, and
he wouldn't even let Mia touch it, and he got upset when I
did. Maybe it was just his craziness, but I just thought
that it was messed up that he would let her wear it, but he
wouldn't even let us TOUCH it. And that girl is a skank
too!! She is yucky! Well, at least I know that he likes
me, because Mia told me that in English, he said that I
wanted his body, and that he wanted mine too. He always
unbuckles these little things on my bookbag, and it drives
me INSANE when he does it. He did it at lunch today to the
one right at my booty. Mia said that the only reason that
he did it was so that he could buckle it back and touch my
butt. He said that it was the truth. That is cool!! I
watched "Biodome" so many times this weekend that I
practically know all of the words to it. It is an awesome
movie!! I love it!! I kept singing that song about, "You
can dance if you want to!!" song stuck in my head ever
since then!! Well, I better go, because I have to go find
a dress for my friend to wear during the Miss Centurion
pagent. What a crock of crap. I hate beauty pagents.
They are just some reason for women to exploit their bodies
for no good reason except to make dudes drool, and that is
just sickening.

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