Schmarmish Blaffle
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2001-10-16 22:27:51 (UTC)

Unibrows and other things...

I'm still in the "deeply interested" phase. You know, like
when you've started somting like this, or started using a
new face wash, and you use it every day like it's a part of
your religion? Yeah.

Problem is, there is nothing to say. But I'll try.

Today Ms. Soloman, my homeroom/social teacher, told me and
some other guy that cried when he fell down in gym the
other day that tommorow, in 3rd, we're supposed to go down
to Ms. Zilkie's (VP) office for a survey type thing. She
said it would be questions like "what do you think of R.T
Alderman," and stuff. How do I answer that? It's you're
average, sucky, Junior High School expeariance. You have
the popular people who think that they're better than
everyone (I think cries-all-the-time-boy might be one of
them), you're people like me that are sort of inbetweeny,
the sort that rarley associate with the opposite sex and
everyone thinks are insane, but manage to fly in under the
radar, and the poor losers like Zane that everybody picks

See, that kid has a uni-brow. A really, really, large
unibrow. It's scary- like Bert. Did they really kill him
off Sesame Street? I still refuse to believe that, but I
haven't seen Sesame Street for a while though. Anyway, back
to the uni-brow. The kid gets made fun of for it, but if he
did somthing about it, they'd pick on him even more. It's a
lovley expeariance, it really is.

Right now I'm working on my Harry Potter fic, which is a
songfic to "Sympathetic Character" by Alanis Morisette (I
was obsessed when I was like, 10, okay?) and its about the
relationship between Draco Malfoy's parents... it's not
really a pleasant one.

My little sister is wanting to use the computer. She's
four. And all she wants to do is play Reader Rabbit. And I
want to write, which is obviously less important than
whatever I happen to be doing at the time.

I wonder if anybody reads this? I read a couple of the
public diarys the other day- some people are pretty
interesting, actually. I probably should've left them the
little "feedback" thing, as is polite in the fanfiction
world. Oh well.

I'm fresh outta things to say, except that I'm sick and
doing very badly in school right now. So it's back to the
ficcy we go...

love always, whoever happens to read this, which I doubt
will be anybody,

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