In Too Deep
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2001-10-16 22:22:24 (UTC)

How's it gonna be

^thats the song im listenin 2. ok well today's been ok so
far i guess. ummm i had improv...which was pretty good
today...they made me do a scene~trey actualy said I did
really good & didnt give me any shit or critisize me thank
god...i think he gets the point that maybe he cnt push us
all around like a normal teacher, i mean hes only
15...younger than some of th people, and the same age as
most people in there. Oh well im not gunna worry bout that
nemore.sooo hahhahaha i woke up this morning and saw my lip
was hhaha...kinda funny i thot. ok so....yeah
nothing really all that good went on today. mn my friend
chelsea & me & her brother & our other friends & our
boyfriends are maybe going camping in helen after football
seson...ohhhh man that will awesum~aslong asit works put
without us getting caught....i dunno though....i will do it
if theniht before we beat parkview(which is the 4th best
team in the nation!)so who knows....well yeah i am out
now...bye faggots

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