My Days...
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2001-10-16 22:10:07 (UTC)

Yes, he must I know!!

I have decided that Mark despises me. I know that that is
just me being silly and insecure but he forgot to plug his
phone in for me to ring him again, which is very
frustrating, especially as I miss him so much. I love
him. I know he loves me too. It is our first aniversary
(sp) on the 15th November, I can't wait, we are going to a
restauraunt for a meal. I have bought an evening gown, it
is stunning, with matching shoes and a hand bag and a shawl
type thingy. I am gonna look stunning!! (excuse the big
headedness...but I will!!) I am gonna have my hair curled
and my nails done...I can't wait. I'm so excited. But i
have so muhc college work to do. I am, quite possibly,
gonna clapse from exhaustion pretty soon!! I do try to
have a good 7/8 hours sleep a night but I end up having
night mares about horrible things that make me cry so I
can't sleep. Sometimes, I'm even too scared to go to bed
just incase I have another night mare. I won't be scared
tonight, infact, with the amount of work I've got, I will
probably just fall asleep at my desk!! lol!! Never mind.
I should be doing it!! Best go, got an essay
due in on Thurs and have only brainstormed, got a
presentation to do tomorrow which I haven't even researched
and a presentation on Friday, which I have done most of. I
think it will all be done on time, but I would like to do a
bit more, just to make sure it is all sunk into this little
head of mine!! Anywayz, wish me luck on getting more of my
essay done by tomorrow.