the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2001-10-16 21:57:45 (UTC)


yeah so its official i failed my midterm in bio
im so upset
there was a guy that got a 100% on the test so there wasnt a
i think i know what ill do
me and my friends in the class should kill him off
:) just kiddin but it would be a great idea

im so excited i have been looking for a new hooded sweatshirt and
today i decided that i needed to just go buy myself one and i did and
now i am happy it brightened my day

chris and i are getting better as friends
we decided that we probably ought to calm our feelings b/c i dont
want to come between him and his g/f and his words "i dont want to
hurt you"

so for now things will continue to be better
and i will be positive and keep my chin up and hopefully all will be

but im off to see the wizard
and to follow that yellow brick road i have heard so much about
love ya'll