Squeeb's world
2001-10-16 21:46:58 (UTC)

This reminds me of...

Ok, so my "On The Line" soundtrack wasn't out today so I got
the new Mandy Moore cd which I have been wanting for a while
and I was listening to it and I heard this one song and I
was just like "Woah!" I know a lot of songs remind me of S
but OMG! This one just hit home so much. It's called "Cry":
Check this out:
"I'll always remember. It was late afternoon. It lasted
forever and ended too soon. You were all by yourself,
staring up at a dark grey sky. And I was cahnged. In places
no one would ever find, all your feelings deep inside. It
was then that I realized that forever was in your eyes. That
moment that I saw you cry. It was late in September and I
had seen you before. You were always the cold one, but I
was never that sure. You were all by yourself, staring at a
dark grey sky. And I was changed. I wanted to hold you. I
wanted to make it go away. I wanted to know you. I wanted to
make your everything all right. I'll always remember. It was
late afternoon...
Wow. Ok, now you may ask why this has such profound meaning
for me. Well, I loved S from the moment I first met him but
my feelings were absolutely cemented the day of his
grandmother's funeral. I remember it so vividly. Standing
there with my parents, it was raining and the sky was grey
and he was standing there, all by himself, crying. And he
was always so strong. He never lets his feelings show so I
was all like "OMG!" and I wanted to run and hug him but it
would have looked kinda silly. So that's why the song hit so
hard. I love it.

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