2001-10-16 21:38:17 (UTC)


wow i havent written in awhile hmm what can i say i started
work it wasnt that bad some pretty coo guys except they are
fuckin pot heads but i guess there is nothin wrong with
that we have have to have some fun but i dunno i dont think
i wanna smoke again b/c like i got pcp or something liket
hat i dunno but i guess i do all that shit too but im not
like a piot head or anything well hmm i worked it was fun
and i dunno kinda scary i didnt know what the hell too do
ooh well and i meet this one guy named brian he is coo
really nice i dunno maybe a little too nice and then this
girl amanda she is nice but kinda nasty ooh well she is
nice it doesnt matter what she looks like right haha yea
but i dunno this brian guy was nice but then he tried to
trip me and since i have a bad knee it realy hurt but he
got me ice and that was coo haha and bought me pizza and
then finished sweapin ahha and i was kinda fakin it ooh
well hahaha i didnt wnat to work eww thats weird i know too
brians i hate when peopl4 have the same name uh i dunno ooh
well ive been doin really bad in school really bad i got
like bad grades and then i have gotten atotal of 4 detions
this week haah and it is only a four day week ooh well i
skippedn one but i never got called in for it haha ooh well
guess i can get away with it right well hmm maybe i need to
shut up a little bit right haha neways i have to go find
some money and clean my room i love brian ahha lol

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