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2001-10-16 21:17:15 (UTC)

life is shitty...i'm glad i'm still living it!

Weird title haha. Well that's exactly what i mean. Life
can be a bitch! but the bitch and me are kinda geting to
understand each other.
Everything seems to make more sense lately, noit exactly
sense, but i think i'm getting to love myself...weirdest
feeling LoL. My friends stoped talking to me, yeah, i
cried, i have this weird 'fear of abandonment', but i
thought it over, and if those are my friends, then i better
not have them, it's not my loss if they stop talking to
me...i suppose one day i will find friends that don't find
me 'disposable' *sings dispossable teens*. haha. Well if
you are reading this Lurdu (best friend) and Chumi
(sister/best friends) thanx for sticking around! okie
dokie, enough about this!
Oh yeah, sorry Mr. Diary for not writing on you!
online diary has no name...can;t think of any for it (i'll
take suggestions LoL).

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