Blood and Chocolate
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2001-10-16 20:52:55 (UTC)

98 monkeys, bracelet happy & guy crazy !

Hey everyone!
Sup ? Sorry I didn't write yesterday I was GROUNDED ! My
mom was having HPBFs all day and grounded me for no
reason !!!!! Ugh! haha !!!! " I will turn him into a flea
and put that flea in a box and that in a box and I will
ship it to myself . And when it arives Ahahaha Ill smash it
with a hammer !!! " , " Ok but I still have 98 monkeys to
go ! " sorry good movie ! I went punk today and I went
Bracelet Happy !!! haha ! It was great I was all PUNK
today ( "hows my make-up " " ok PRUNK !")! Everyone was
looking at me and like 5 people asked me why I suddenly
switched to all punk ! haha ! I will be prep tomorrow to
confuse the hell out of everyone! Ok umm Oh on Sat this guy
Evan(gag) called to see if I wanted to go to the movies
with him ! ICKY !!!! He is so NASTY !! Like UGLY nasty and
I swear he is BI !!!! anyways He is really Icky ! And I
have class with him and I have to sit next to him and ICK
he always asks me to be his partner and I can't be mean and
say no so I am always his partner !!!then OMG today I
figured out I have a crush on another guy ! Who I really
don't want to like cause I hated him last year ! and last
year he was such an ass!But this year he is being a sweet
heart and shit I like him ! Not as much as Chris or adam
but I still have a thing for this other guy ! AHHH !!!!!!!!
and worst of all my friend likes him ! And I have a class
with this guy and my friend ! and I sit by the guy and he
is always flirting with me and today he offered (sp?) me a
back rub ?! Is that a sign he likes me !? IDK what to
do !!!!!! Its so crazy ! Cause I like Chris and I still
like Adam , but now this other guy (lets give him a name. .
Julio ). But this Julio guy is always like talking to me
in class and asks me for help and asked me if I would tutor
(sp?) him and today he asked me if I had a boyfriend and
then I had on my bottle cap belt and he asked if he could
see it and so I took off the belt and yea ! What do you
think !? Do you think he likes me !? What should I do if
he asks me out ?! Wait for Chris or Adam ? Say no cause I
think my friend still likes him ? or ahhh ! I need your
help !!! Cause I like all three of the guys !!!!! OMG
this is such a mess! please help me out and write me
back !! Give me some advice on my " love life " !!! anyways
ummmmm Friday is the last home football game!:( ! that
sucks cause those are so much fun !!! haha !
Quotes :"Success is not the result of spontaneous
combustion, you must set yourself on fire!" and "Friends do
not live in harmony merely as some say but in melody ! "
Well I gotta bounce !