Life Is Peachless
2001-10-16 19:25:39 (UTC)

Boring Boring Boring

hello reeci--i know your gonna read this sooner or later so
hi to you
hello cathy--i also know youll read this sooner or later so
say hi to you too
and another hello to whoever else is reading this

i am sooo bored and theres no one online!! this computer is
gonna rot my brain and right at this minute i dont care! i
love the computer just like i love my reeci!! ahh i wanna
say my life sucks but it really doesnt! my life is great
and the whole world revolves around me so how can it be
bad?? i really dont concieted i know that but
hey its fun! its great cause im spoiled by everyone! cathy
bought something for me once that was about 50 dollars for
no reason what-so-ever, but then again she also sprained my
arm for no reason....hehe my life is great!!

Ashitara Wo Ai Ni Reeci
(i love you in japanese) (i love you reeci in chinese)

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