oddly interesting?
2001-10-16 19:14:32 (UTC)


10.16.01 (( 3.00 pm
AHHHH I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU! okay first the bad
news lmfao... well my average so far in english is a d..but
i hope i can change that to at least a c or b. i need
serious help with english...hmm what else...well this isnt
bad but its funny. ok rofl well danny baskerville came up
to me and said scott thomas likes me and then scott said
danny liked me and then danny goes " he wants to put a
condom inside you" my and my friend carrie were like "oh my
god that's NASTY" IT IS... but funny lmfao geez lol.... i
wonder who really likes me...lmfao..woot steven talked to
me again.. ahh thats good well anyway we'll finish with the
good news. OKAY well. i was in study skills and we were in
the library and i checked out a book and then i sat down
reading by myself. and mrs. bonitz (whatever her name is)
came and said "you've been caught in the act" and like i
didnt know what she was talking about. in our school
whenever someone is reading in a class when they dont have
to we get our picture taken when we're reading the book.
and so she did that to me... and now im going to be on this
black and white paper picture thingy on the library window!
im the only one in my study skills period 6 class!! =D
careers) WE GOT TO SAMPLE SOME TODAY... omg it smelled and
tasted so good! ^^ hmm what else... OH YEA the second math
quiz we got back and miss leighton said i was the only a
she'd seen in a long time!! AHH IM SO HAPPY! so far my
averages are all A's (yes even in gym) except english. but
you know the un-neat lisa said things change, and it's just
the first marking period in 6th grade, i mean next marking
period i can do better. lol it says i could do better and
that i try hard but cant do well.. im gonna try and find
some english help online. OH YES! I KNOW I KNOW...we're
getting a vocab quiz tomorrow in english, i memorized all
the definitions. if i get a 100% then i might get boosted
to a c...and then our next vocab quiz i could do well also
and maybe get a b....THANK YOU! my dad's mad cause my
average right now is a d in english. i bet he didnt read
the thingy that said i try my hardest but ill remind him...
well ill do it at 6...hmm i wonder if theres any newspapers
laying around...ahhh something happened between me and rora she
called me a stupid whore... if you want the conversation we had just
e-mail [email protected] thats all for now ima type something
else tonight