Burning Up
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2001-10-16 19:13:55 (UTC)

First entry

Hmm this is my first entry..kinda cool actually. I forgot my old diary URL and password so i was like..what the heck..i'll just migrate to another diary. So many online diaries out here. Let's see what i did today..Actually nothing at all. Well, i did my PPI journal which i want to hand up tomorrow before all the procrastinating starts. Besides that, nothing else. Will be meeting Freddie later after school to talk about his R/S problem(s). He says he'll tell me when we meet so i guess it must be something serious. *gulp* i mean, im afraid im not well-equipped to give any good advice as he said i would. As im not currently pro-relationship at the moment, i hope i would still be able to give objective comments. Not that im anti-r/s and want to break up every couple i know, but i honestly think it's a waste of time and energy.
Well, im just a cynic now and those people in love who read this will be feeling sorry for me. 'This poor and disillusioned girl probably has been out of love too many times for her to handle!' Well, yes and no. Yes as in there were too many times i had to handle things i didnt like, and no because i havent exactly been 'in love' everytime i was involved. Sounds confusing isnt it..but my mind works in processing cyptic messages so i guess only i would understand what im saying.
So...it was good that Julian let me read his diary and i was kinda inspired to keep my own. As people would be reading it, i guess i'd still be censoring stuff but what the hell..they dont know who I am and where i come from isnt it..Anyway im giving all my friends really pathetic fake names here so i hope Freddie will forgive me if he ever finds out hes been christened Freddie for no good reason.*LOL*
Back to Julian's diary,i think he has become happier these days after seeking religion, and that he is no longer that pessimistic or unhappy anymore. Though i feel as a friend that he is always being passive somehow.
Alright..enough for the night i think..will write again later..gonna go to bed now..ZZzZzZzzzzzzz