Zone of Misfortune
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2001-10-16 19:03:17 (UTC)

Life just get's better and better...

Well, i think i;ll write about my little homecoming fiasco,
or however that's spelled.

I'm not a big fan of homecoming, and actually resolved
never to go. But then a friend of mine asked me to go as
friends, and said stuff like, i don't really like the
dance, i kinda have to go, we'll do more fun stuff before
and after. So i agreed to go. I asked if i needed
anything such as a suit, she said not really and i
suggested khakis, which i believe we agreed upon in the
car, since i was taking her home at the time. She did want
me to get horns though, which sent me the message that she
didn't take the dance so seriously.

Well, well, well, was i dead wrong. The day before, i
confront her about plans and remind her that i bought
nothing in terms of a suit. Well, i think she thought i
meant i had nothing to wear and was planning on attending
in gym shorts and beater and flatly refused to go with me.
I was a bit stunned, since i was sure she told me not to
get a suit, and now she was pissed i didn't get one. So
she went alone...and i stayed home. Following day's, i
discover she's extremely pissed off at me for not being
responsible and not putting up much of a fight about
homecoming, since i did kinda just agree not to go...but
still, things were said and it turned out she was pissed
about other things. So, i wrote this mainly so i could
sift through it all, and make sense of it, since i'm still
in the middle of this, and not sure if she;s ever going to
talk to me again.

As for today, usual. Learned that the middle school will
be using the High Five clip i created with several others
for their event, which is pretty coo. Gotta take those
damn PSATs and i think i found the dead being in my house.
There was this huge insect on my window, and there's still
all these moth like bugs in my light...i'm pretty sure
their decaying bodies are adding to the stench.

Well, that's all i can think of...starting to enjoy this
process, it's coo.

Current Status: confused