My Crazy Messed Up Life
2001-10-16 18:28:00 (UTC)


It's such a blah day today. It has been raining non stop
for ever, rain is so depressing and cold. I hate rain. I
managed to get a ride home from school today so i didn't
have to walk :) School this aft was ok. I have a bit of a
headache stirring up, so it was hard to concentrate. And it
doesn't help that concentration is something i struggle
with anyway. I don't understand it at all...probably never
will. I seriously think I have A.D.D or something, but the
doctor keeps telling me that I'm ok. Someday I seriously
wonder how I'm ever going to make it through college, the
only response I can think of is 'by the grace of God'. So
God, please help me!!! There is one girl in my group
counselling class that is driving me crazy, and of course
she has to be in my group right, well anyway, she is NEVER was the first time since we started that
everyone in our group was present. She misses sooo much
school, yet she is still doing ok because her personal mark
is determined from our Group evaluation. It just pisses me
off that I...and the other members, are stuck doing all of
the work, she does nothing but still gets our marks for it.
It jsut doesn't really seem to fair. Oh well, I guess
that's life eh?
There is something else that has really really been bugging
me...the only thing is I can't figure out exactly what it
is. It's pisses me off too. I really wish that i didn't
have so many stressors all at the same time!! If and when I
figure out what it is i'll write it then. Anyway I'm going
to go for a while, i may write some more after.