The days of the wanderer
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2001-10-16 18:15:35 (UTC)

STA.......Gotta love em

Well today I went to the STA in London. Seems I needed to
go and change which airline I fly with to Hong Kong. Cos of
Swiss Air goin bust.

Well caught the 10.18. Just your average boring train
journey. Got to Victoria and would you believe it I
actually got on the RIGHT tube. Well....theres gotta be a
first for everything ;)

The University was it's usual lively bustling self. Full of
crazy student clothes and signs to a thousand classrooms.
Got my ticket and sat....and sat....and sat. I had ticket
96 an hour later it was ticket 92. So I decided to take a
wander. Got a prospectus for myself and whatever I could
get fot my mate Pixel in Hong Kong. But after I had asked
for some info on linguitics and philosaphy wondered why the
woman gave me a weird look. Then it dawned on me....."Matt
your in a uni of science and technology". I just said
thanks and scurried out.

FINALLY after another hours wait, my ticket was called. And
after five minutes it was over. They want to make me change
at either Frankfurt or Paris. Oh well at least if I go to
Paris i'll be straight off one plane and straight on
another. Yuck Paris is disgusting.

Had a wander around the Natural History museum. Saw the T-
Rex IMAX show for the 4th time. And made me way home. After
a Burger King of course. Gotta stick to that tradition ;)

DAY RATEING: 7/10 Good cos it's London,Bad cos of the giant

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