Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2001-10-16 17:38:26 (UTC)

Tomorrow's My Birthday!!!!

Yay! Tomorrow I turn 18! Finally. Now Ryan and I are
actually legal :) Just in time for the wedding and
everything. I got a checking account at Wells Fargo, just a
few days early. I didn't just get regular old checks,
they're really cute Wizard of Oz checks. I want to get
Disney Princess checks next. I don't know why I'm so
suddenly obsessed with old kid's movies and stuff, that was
just a recent thing, in the past year or so. Probably
because I'm going to turn 18 tomorrow, and I feel like I've
been 18 since I was 12. I missed out on just being a kid.
So I'm just gonna be a kid now...a kid that works full time
and has a husband... Or maybe it's because I can't wait to
share stuff like that with my kid(s), when I have them.
Gini came down to visit for my party on Saturday, it
was really great seeing her again. She is the best friend I
could ever have. Her and Coby were seriously on the verge
of splitting (he was actually thinking about breaking up
with her if she didn't start working on her communication
skills), but I think once she came down, everything worked
itself out. Things must certainly be getting better,
because when I decided to go to bed at about 2:00am that
night, Gini came out of our guest room and asked me if I
had an extra condom (which I did, of course). Miss Homey G-
Star be gettin on her groove thang! Just kidding, I was
really glad things were going better, they both deserve to
be happy in love :) Coby especially, he works so hard at
their relationship. I'm glad Gini's finally noticing.
Last week I went to Disneyland stoned on Friday with
Ryan, it was so fun! Space Mountain was awesome :) I just
about had a heart attack. Ryan took me out to eat at
Disneyland too, at the Italian place that's right next to
Space Mountain. It was really good, but it was way too
filling. I felt like I was going to pop. But I went on
Space Mountain again anyways :)
I'm going to apply for a second job at Shorehouse
restaurant, so I can save a little more for the missed-work
fund (from the honeymoon), and also so I can go Christmas
shopping and Alloy catalog shopping. They have the cutest
clothes. If I get the waitressing job, I'll make at least
an extra $1000 in one month, and that would be way more
than enough to help out. I want to shop at Alloy so bad!!!
I could handle waitressing for a month, with shopping as my
motivation :)
Tomorrow, Ryan's taking me out to Hometown Buffet in
Carlsbad, and then we're going to go to Cheetah's (strip
club). I'm so excited, what a fun birthday celebration
that's gonna be. They give $5 lapdances :)
That's all for now, bye!

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