What's up now?
2001-10-16 17:08:59 (UTC)

sooo tired....

I dont know what's going on with my body, but I swear its
telling me it needs a rest.....I tried last night and got
like 10 hrs of sleep...but Damn, I'm still exhausted....ahh
well thats life I suposse...Hopefully I'm not dying. So
its Tuesday....Its going to be a LONG day, I can already
tell...Class, class....hopefully going to work maybe workout here if I didnt
workout earlier, then a program on Africans....then Study
Study Study.....But on the bright side, I figured out my
first draft of my schedule for next semester...I know there
will be many changes to come, but I just feel better
knowing I have a little direction right now. Today is also
laundry day...its amazing that I can make it over a month
without doing laundry...but it sucks becuase I have to
spend 5 dollars doing it all at once...Usually I can put 2
loads in the washer and then just use one dryer...but not
today, I have 4 washers and will probably use 3-4
dryers....damn...oh well its been 26 min, time to do the
dryer thing...