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2001-10-16 16:59:21 (UTC)


well again i havent written in a long time.. but im home
its about 12:50 SICK! i have the flu..so im feeling
miserable. i just went to school for one period so i can
take a test then i came home. ok let me tell u about 10-10-
01 i saw OTOWN in concert. OMG they are sooo amazing. i
love them all. esspecially dan miller hehe. but anyway they
look soo good in person. i was a little dumbass crying my
ass off in the audience and i had really good tickets i was
on the floor level and i was soooo close. i get the
pictures today too. well im single still. no more chris
drama. its offical were over and done with.. yea i stil
have feelings for him. but i kinda like someone else. this
gu is tall and cute so well see what happens...until next
time bubye!

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