My Life.............
2001-10-16 16:11:53 (UTC)

Talked to him again..:)

i got to talk to Jeff this morning, i saw him come on but
he didnt message me right away, then he just left, i dont
know what to think, is he trying to mess with my head
again? does he really care? B. says i should delete him,
but, i cant, i just cant, i still love him,and i want to
show him that i have changed, i havent been bothering him
like i did before, he messages me, and i dont send him
A. says that we should stop acting like this because we
both want each other, but, of course B. is right, i know
how he acted before.:( im so confused right now! maybe
thats what Jeff wanted, to confuse me.:( MAN, i dont
know..:( what am i going to do??:(