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2001-10-16 15:29:56 (UTC)

DC Talk

Normally I try to keep the subject matter related to my
webpage and/or my self publishing project. It's not that I
don't like to talk to myself but for me the purpose of this
diary is to let you know what's going on with my intended
career. And don't get me wrong, this entry is no different
in that respect.
But this time my poetry will not be mentioned at all...I'm
talking about another successful venture...and again
something totally unexpected. Maybe I should keep not
expecting to be published, it makes the feeling that much
I wrote a review for DC Talk, a Christian Band I listen to.
This year the band members are doing solo projects. Each
one composing their own CD without the other members. Two
of the three are out and the third is coming next month. I
sent a review of the second album entitled "Stereotype Be"
which is done by the musician/poet Kevin Maxx. To my
surprise that got published on their website too...it's not
a big deal on the whole, but it's nice to get some
recognition...maybe I'm not that bad...:)
Anyways the About the Author section should be up within a
few hours from now...it depends on some personal
But I just wanted to share that with you. By the way, I
would seriously recommend the Kevin Maxx Cd. It's one of
the more creative albums I've seen in a long long time. And
Creativity Rules!
The Mad Scientist
Joshua Pantalleresco

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