Stolenstar's Secret
2001-10-16 15:28:34 (UTC)

October 16, 2001

Wow. Who else thinks this weather is crazy? One day it is
beautiful out, and another seems like it is beautiful
out, but it is really freezing. I am sniffling right now
because of this weather.
The weekend just past, and mine was uneventful. That's okay
though because last weekend 10/5-10/7 was action-packed for
me...haha. I went to the movies with my mom, mother-
daughter bonding. We saw Serendipity. It was cute. Not like
stuff like that happens in real life. That's why they make
the movie, so you go see it, cause that's the only way you
are going to experience it- through a character in a movie.
Anyways, we saw a coming attraction for a really funny
movie. We were cracking was called "Shallow Hal."
It comes out in November.
I basically did nothing else all weekend but relaxed and
did some thinking. Which I do too much of in the first
Tonight-----****ROSWELL IS ON***** How excited am I?
Unfortunately, I also watch Love Cruise- don't laugh. And I
can't watch both tonight, I hope I can tape Love Cruise,
it's the last episode. But if I don't, it's okay, as long
as I get to see one of my men...Jason Behr...Grrrrr!!!