The First 9 Months of Our Lives
2001-10-16 15:12:18 (UTC)

Pickles...are they good for you?

The cravings have set in.....Pickles and hot sauce....:)
No, not pickles and hot sauce together.... yuck...just
Pickles....then somedays hot sauce (from El Chico's or
Abuelo's) :) My question of the day is....Are pickles good
for you? Or are they bad for you...or are they neither? I
mean...they were a that's got to mean
something good...right? I don't know...I'm going to really
research today...I'll let you know of my findings.

I'm really excited because my belly is starting in to pooch
slightly! I really can't wait to be big...I can't wait to
feel my baby move inside me....!!! Maybe I won't be so
happy about it when I weigh 180-190 but...oh well....!! We
have made the decision to move to Texas--we're going to
move in with some friends of ours...I think it is going to
work out well...for a LITTLE while. We're both married
couples--so that's good...the only thing that will be a
problem is: Everysince I have known them they have been
complete slobs...they always say..."We just never have time
to clean" But the truth of the matter is...they just never
dooo!!! They really want to be cleaner people....and M
asked me to help her be more responsible and clean.

I think we'll only stay with them for a couple of months.
Then......We'll get our own

I can't wait! I can't wait for all of us to have our first
Christmas together--to celebrate the true meaning of
Christmas and have a real family time together....Very
exciting...My hubby and I bought some Christams records
from a place called Vintage Stock and some disney songs so
that when Christmas rolls around every year we will have a
tradition--We'll pull out the record player...and play
Christmas classics --Like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra..etc.

There is just something about Christmas--I love it so
much... :)